Proposed Hardware

Like most the older pages and posts on this website, it is largely obsolete because implementations of Recursive Exhaustion will allow the collection of vast amounts of information about everybody without their knowledge or permission.  I am including the material below for its historical interest,  using a strikethrough font where necessary to cross out the most naive and egregious items.

The following old account emphasizes hardware and suggests it is special purpose.  Little is new about the hardware, except having four front facing cameras.  Most of the rest of what is needed can be done with software.   Nothing new in the hardware will be special purpose.   There is no reason they would be useless to other apps.  Of course they would be, probably to many.

Current social media trivialize serious problems.  Some social networking problems are so difficult that even powerful supercomputers cannot handle them.  To solve these problems, it seems possible to make more use of human intelligence, using some device which works interactively with each individual person. There is clearly a need to go into hardware design, which must be based on much more than the kind of sketch a marketing person might produce, but let’s start with one of those, as a visual illustration of the requirements to be met.  Click here to review the kind of scenario for which it is intended.  Click on the image to enlarge it.


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