Enrich Lives

Like most the older pages and posts on this website, it is largely obsolete because implementations of Recursive Exhaustion will allow the collection of vast amounts of information about everybody without their knowledge or permission.  I am including the material below for its historical interest,  using a strikethrough font where necessary to cross out the most naive and egregious items.

What will the coming technology do for a person?  Image a pocket-sized social tech device using speech and facial recognition as well as having ordinary smartphone capabilities.   What will it do for you?

It will not only connect you with ordinary or intimate friends and help manage your career, it will provide you with the level of personal and financial advice which made the fictional Ken Green the richest man in the world.  We cannot all be the richest person in the world, but we could all be wealthy, both in financial terms and in terms of our social environment — the people in our lives and work we do. The only question remaining: how soon?

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