A Scenario

This post is entirely obsolete because of the discover of Recursive Exhaustion.  I keep it around to illustrate my views before any adequate implementatio of this the new algorithm would make possible the collection of vast amounts of information about everyone without their knowledge or permission.

I have applied a strikethrough font to the parts which were naive and are not just wrong.

This scenario is set in the near future.  The hardware platform may resemble the one in the header image, which looks like an ordinary smartphone.   A very close inspection with a magnifier might reveal four dots in the corners, which are to be understood as camera lenses.

Suppose that a person seeks a friend, lover, coworker or employer. He or she may use this future device in the following way:

  • turn on the device and use speed-dial links on the touch screen menu to get to social technology functions, then to select the appropriate kind of matching, OR
  • use voice control for all of this
  • interact with the device using a speech recognition interface (like Siri) to find and select the right kind of matching
  • update a previous virtual questionnaire, or respond to a new one — while responding to the machine generated questions, the backwards looking cameras look for stress and other indications of dishonesty
  • periodically question the speech interface about the interim results of this searching and matching operation — using the device for an hour will give much worse results than prolonging this process over a week, returning again and again to respond to more questions
  • as well asking questions about yourself, the device will ask about what you want — for interpersonal relationships it will display paired pictures of individuals, probably famous ones, asking you to pick the more attractive one — this will give the software a sense of your preferences
  • as time goes by the device will occasionally suggest getting into communications with someone, a potential friend, lover, spouse, co-worker or employer — if you are an employer, it will occasionally suggest communicating with someone about a job offer
  • the device will facilitate secure, anonymous communication with other people
  • it’s suggestions will usually be for someone who will make your life better in every way, including making you a better person
  • it will never help an aggressor how to communicate with a potential victim but will instead try to create a social environment which will dampen out potential violence or exploitation

This is only a brief sketch.  More detail to come.  Better yet, add your own thoughts!

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