There have been so many advances in mobile computer and networking hardware that the greatest need is for new social software development.  This site is more general, and will discuss new hardware possibilities as well.  The image below is misleading.  Little development will be embodied in handheld units.  Most will be on the server side, using a database continuously being revised by software based on Recursive Exhaustion.


There will be a revolution in social technology but it will not be as I have indicated elsewhere.  The main developments will relate to the use of the massive amount of data which can and will be collected using the technique of Recursive Exhaustion, as defined here.  To see ways in which this data can be used, please see the front page of my Decision and Estimation website.

Since discovering the enormous potential of Recursive Estimation, I am in the process of revising all of my (too many!) websites.  Most had something to do with what was possible with social data, but they did not foresee the possibilities inherent in having an enormous amount of information about individual people.  For example, it seems probable that a person’s genetic code could be extracted from a large enough amount of social data, without that person ever providing a sample for laboratory analysis.

As well as information about individual people, Recursive Exhaustion will likely be used in the extraction and presentation presentation of important facts about corporations, institutions and geographic regions.  Some of this information will be disturbing and perhaps disruptive.  For example the ability of some people to escape responsibility for the damage they do by hiding behind limited liability corporations will be controversial, to say the least.  Please see my website on Transitive Ownership . In some ways the concept of transitive ownership could threaten the whole structure of capitalism, so it would be opposed by many, while being of great interest of those with a benevolent revolutionary spirit.

Regardless of whether you would approve or disapprove of this approach to the limits of liability, it has so far been impossible to analyze or enforce.  When a massive amount of information about the structure of society is readily available such revolutionary changes would be possible.  People who care enough will make use of them.

In this and many other ways, new Social Technology based on exploitation of the extraordinary amount of social data collectable using recursive exhaustion will change the world.  Over the next few years the key tasks for social technologists will be related to the collection and exploitation of social data on a scale hitherto unimaginable.

The purpose of this website is to encourage and record these new developments in social technology.  They are sure to be more significant than anyone can currently dream.



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